Sunday, August 9, 2020

Where to Get Bubble Tea in Connecticut

When I lived in NYC, I was absolutely spoiled with the amount of bubble tea options there were in every neighborhood! After moving to Connecticut, it's been quite difficult to find places to satisfy that craving. My go-to drink is mango green tea with bubbles with 30% sugar, or a fruity milk tea. With this list below, I hope you find somewhere near you! Below, I've listed spots that are within driving distance from Fairfield County, CT, but are not in NYC (that's a whole separate list). I tried to give my two cents on opinions of these places - sometimes, even mediocre bubble tea is better than none...

I was able to try this place at the Rowayton Farmer's Market recently. It's a very cute truck, and they have lots of baked goods too. As for the tea, I was very very happy with the black bubble tea - it was the perfect amount of sweetness. You can even taste test too if you ask (they don't shake their tea though)! The texture of the actual boba/bubbles was perfect, and everything was fresh. Although bubble tea is usually known as an Asian dessert, I think they did a great job, and offer lots of tea and coffee options as well.

A no frills place, they have some decent bubble tea and crepes. I'm not sure if they use powder or not, but you can always ask for less sweetness. Pretty average bubble tea, I'm always satisfied when I go!

Located in a little corner close to the Black Rock area of Fairfield, is this cute Vietnamese restaurant. The owners are very kind, and have lots of traditional Vietnamese dishes. I have tried the Viet iced coffee, but they also offer bubble tea as well. It's next on my list to try!

I saw someone post this on Instagram, and it looks so yummy. It was a layered bubble tea drink, and would be great alongside some ramen. I haven't tried this place yet, but know they only have a couple different options for bubble tea. Everything in the tea is HOMEMADE, so I definitely need to head here soon.

There was another bubble tea place in Norwalk that has recently closed because of COVID - in one of their last facebook posts, they stated that Zul Cafe, and Filipino comfort food restaurant, serves some great bubble tea! The prices are pretty reasonable, and if previous bubble tea shop owners says it is good, it must be. On the menu, they note which flavors are made with powder or flavored syrups, which is nice.

Vivi Tea is a well known chain, and a solid spot for bubble tea. It's not the best I've ever had, but it is always reliable and delicious! They have lots of options for whatever flavor you're feeling. 

I have not been here yet, but some of my friends say that it is pretty good. They recommend that you get fruit tea instead of milk tea, since they said the milk tea is quite over powering. Would be a yummy dessert after some New Haven style pizza!

Papa-t is a chain, but this is the first location I've ever been to. The location is inside the Danbury mall, and I've gone to the mall just to get some tea! You can see them making the drink, and depending on the flavor, no powder or syrup is used. The best part is the boba texture - it's perfectly chewy and not mushy or tough.

I found this place after having a bubble tea craving, and drove the 30min. It's tucked away in New Rochelle, and they were all ready for COVID, with plastic covers protecting the kitchen. I loved my bubble tea, and I would recommend asking for the level of sugar you like here! We ordered ahead, and it was very easy to pick up.

I haven't tried this place yet, but their menu looks well rounded for a bubble tea shop. Adding to my list of places to try! Especially if I'm leaving/coming from NJ, this would be a good road trip drink.

Hope this has helped you on your search for bubble tea! Let me know if there is a spot you like that I missed, and if you're a fruit tea or milk tea person! Don't forget to wear your mask when going to all of these spots, and order ahead when possible.

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