Thursday, May 14, 2020

My Affordable Morning Skincare Routine For Even + Glowy Skin

Thinking about my past skincare routine, my products and goals have changed so much - in middle school and high school, I used way too many acne specific products, and I didn't really look at ingredients. From acne face wash, to acne toner, to blemish spot treatment moisturizer, my poor skin went through a lot of harsh ingredients. For reference, I used to have super oily and acne prone skin - now, I'm more of a combo skin kind of gal, with some dry patches here and there! Once I stopped using harsh face products my skin was not nearly as oily.

I have noticed a huge difference in texture, even tone, and acne scarring with the following products. Best of all, each product is under $12!! I always thought that investing in skincare was necessary, and I definitely will look into treating myself sometime (staring at you Tatcha), but I'm glad these staples are affordable.

Step 1: Simple Skin Micellar Water $7
This is seriously a holy grail product for me. I've been using it for about 4 years, and it's just a very simple micellar water that I use to remove any excess oil/dirt from the nighttime.

Step 2: Rinsing my face with cold water 
I was one who used to wash their face two times a day, but I've found that it strips my skin a little too much. Even thought I use a gentle cleanser, I find it is not necessary!

Step 3: The Ordinary Absorbic Acid (Vitamin C ) $10
I've tried a few Vitamin C serums, but have really been loving this one since it absorbs very fast and has no fragrances. I would like to find one that is a bit more thick, but my skin has definitely become brighter and more even after using this. I take a break from this twice a week!

Step 4: The Ordinary Caffeine Eye Solution $6.70
This was an impulse buy last I was at the Deciem store. I have some darkness around my eyes, but this is mainly helpful for reducing puffiness short term! I definitely love the price too. Concealer and other makeup layers on top quite nicely.

Step 5: Etude House Surprise Airy Finish SPF 50+++ $10
After doing some research online, I found the old SPF I was using did not have the right active ingredients to really help protect my skin. This alternative has zinc oxide in the first couple of ingredients what have been tested to be safe and effective! I bought this on Amazon, and it doesn't make me oily at all.

Step 6: Elf Super Hydrate Moisturizer $12
This is the newest item in my morning routine, and I'm not sure how I feel about it just yet. It does get the job done though! 

Hope this was helpful! I'm so glad that my routine is simple - but most of all, it's affordable and effective. What are some of your holy grail skin care products?

I can't wait to share what I use during the nighttime as well - including some new chemical exfoliants I've been loving.

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