Saturday, April 25, 2020

Trying On Every Pair of Jeans I Own - Closet Cleanout!

Welcome to week five of quarantine! I have been realizing how many things I put off pre-shelter in place. One task on my to-do list is to clean out my closet and start buying lasting pieces. The first thing that I wanted to take on were jeans, since that seamed the easiest! For reference I am 5'0" and usually wear a size 6, or 28. Finding jeans that fit me in every way has been...difficult. Each of these jeans I like, but there are none that I love. I hope to get rid of some jeans today, and invest in ones that really fit.

NYDJ Cropped Stripe Jeans - old, can't find a link!
These pair of jeans are pretty good. I remember I bought them because Lord and Taylor was closing in NYC, and these were under $20. When I tried them on, I remember them being so comfortable! Nowadays, I wear them once inawhile during warmer months, but they stretch out pretty easily. Going to donate!

a.n.a. Cropped Felt Stripe Jeans - old, can't find a link!
Do we see a pattern with the type of jeans I like? These were a JC Penny clearance find years ago, and I remember trying them on because they were stupidly cheap for $6. Oddly enough, these are a size 2, and still very comfy! These are much more structured than the NYDJ jeans, so these are a keeper!

Universal Thread Cropped Target Jeans
Another clearance find...I am definitely a sucker for a sale! These were cute in theory, but the length is odd on me, and they're not the most comfortable. These definitely do not have stretch. I've only worn them a handful of times. Donate!

Everlane High Rise Skinny Jean - Ankle Length Light Blue Wash
I bought these with their Pay What you Want Event, skeptical because of all of the hype. These turned out to be a touch too tight, but still comfy. The length is still long on me, but I am very used to rolling up jeans. Definitely a keeper! 

Thrifted J.Crew Ankle Dark Wash Ankle Jeans (not sure exact color/style)
I was very surprised how long these have lasted me. These were a gem found at Plato's Closet for $10. They are the ~perfect length, but have been worn so much (by me and the previous owner), that they are pretty stretched out. I'm sad to say that these will be donated.

Black Topshop High Waited Jamie Jeans
Over five years ago, I owned these same pair of jeans but ripped in the knees and thigh. I wore them at least twice a week throughout college and a little after, loving the perfect length and high waisted fit. Sadly after hundreds of wears, one of the rips broke, and there was a huge hole on the thigh. I bought these last Fall at Nordstrom for $25, and the length is longer, but still so comfy! Definitely keeping.
Not show because they are in the wash because I love them - Abercrombie High Rise Super Skinny Jeans Short Medium Light Wash

I can't wait to clean out more of my closet, and invest in some long lasting, sustainable pieces! TBT to the days of shopping at Forever 21..what's one goal you'd like to accomplish during quarantine?

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