Saturday, April 4, 2020

Everything I've Watched So Far During Quarantine

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With all of this extra time recently, comes opportunity to watch more TV than usual on the weekends and after work hours. My roommate Kate and I have been ~flying through a wide array of tv shoes/movies to keep ourselves busy. From nostalgic childhood shows to some newer content, it's been very nice to be invested in something and be in the know of Tiger King memes!
I consider this a comedy classic. I hadn't seen this in years, and I totally forgot how hilarious this movie was. A really great movie to enjoy with your roommates.

Prince of Egypt
Kate recommended we watch this, and I realized I saw this movie years and years ago. It is a an animated musical about the story of Moses, but the music and story is very good for a 90s animation! Nice to have a feeling of nostalgia.

Ozark Seasons 1+2
Seeing this on the homepage of Netflix really reeled us in, and it's your typical dark show about a drug cartel and money laundering. Sometimes it is gory but not too much - I can't wait to start Season 3!

The 2nd Zac Efron feature of quarantine! I'm not huge into musicals, but this one I've always had a liking to.

Tiger King
How could I resist? This was the wildest rollarcoaster of a show, and it really is as interesting as all of the memes. I would recommend if you like documentaries and lots of drama.

Batman Begins
I grew up watching this with my brother, and I still this this trilogy is the best in DC. Oh, and Christian Bale of course is not bad either

American Idol
I don't have cable, so I mainly watch clips on Youtube, but I definitely have some favorite contenders. I love Just Sam and Jonny West, and the judges are very refreshing.

Various Victorious Episodes
It's so weird to rewatch these episodes, and see how weird the jokes are? Some are still funny, but I prefer Drake and Josh from that era.

Various Hannah Montana Episodes
Buying a year of Disney+ for my brother has reaped some benefits for me. Kate loves Hannah Montana and it's much better than the older nickelodeon series!

Hope you find something you'll like during this staying at home period of time. Remember to take care of yourself and others! It's hard to unwind sometimes, so I have to remember to take a break from screens too.

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