Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Comfy + Minimal Room Decor

Whew. I am so very happy that I do not have to move for the next year! After subletting in a smaller down in Connecticut, I've finally moved in with my co-worker and friend and signed a year lease. Goodbye subletting and temporary airbnb living.

With moving to a new place, it's been important to me to have it be so cozy and comfy. I love getting into bed at night after a long day of work and falling right asleep. Especially because I get homesick every once in awhile, I love finding comfy blanket and decor that is still affordable!
At my last apartment, I tried not having my bed against the wall, and I just didn't love it as much. Here, I've tucked my bed into the little corner, while also making enough room for me to do yoga and stretch after working out. I will be sure to link everything at the bottom - and most of all thank you to Photowall for the canvas! This post is not sponsored, but they graciously gifted my the decor and also gave me a coupon code for you all. The canvas was pretty easy to put together, and was put in a slim box for me to pick up from the mail room. It also came with an attachment to hang the canvas, but I just used my own nails. It's super sturdy, and a good price for the size! 

My bed is from Ikea, which I bought because it fit into my car. It took about three hours to assemble with my dad...not the easiest but worth it in the end! When moving, I semi took it apart so it would fit into the rental van. The comforter is from Sam's Club, along with the fuzzy beige blanket which I love so much. 
The paper floor lamp had great review on Target, - and for good reason! I love the way it looks and lights up the room. It's also very easy to disassemble and move. 
Use the coupon code "hellosesame2021" for 25% off on as many orders as you'd like for the next month!
Bed Frame:
Pillow cases and sheets:
Pillows: super cheap from costco!
Beige blanket: Sam's Club
Floor Lamp:
Weave Basket: Marshall's
Mirror: Marshall's 
Hope you enjoyed! It's a nice change to not have so much clutter for once in my room. It's not always clean, but I definitely have less things than I did when I was in high school. For other inspiration, I love going to home goods and marshall's from time to time to score some good deals.
*canvas was gifted, post is NOT sponsored! no affiliate links.

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