Wednesday, January 1, 2020

⋆Long Term Goals for 2020⋆

A big highlight of 2019 - meeting Dominique Ansel and Joanna Chang. My pastry chef role models.

I first thought I was going to reflect on the past year and go over the highlights, but to be honest, it was very daunting to think about. It is not easy to think back to life a year ago when things were "easier" (when I was still in college and lived in a familiar place). Now that I live in a new part of the country and work full time, I am more excited to look forward to this new place and some new things that I am able to try.
Read All of the Harry Potter Series
Yes, I am one of those people. I've been a fan of every movie, and I just never sat down to read all 7 books. I started the first one in middle school and became distracted with Kate Brian drama books, and I think now is the time. Literally 99% of the people I know have read the series, and I just want to experience the magic like everyone else. My reading last year was quite slow, but I am excited to start going to a new library and get into reading again!

Have a Positive Relationship with the Gym
In 2018, I completed 9 weeks of a workout program, and I actually started to see little baby biceps. I found that I was never bored with the routine, and that it was very enjoyable. I've worked out almost every week of 2019, but I haven't felt that love in a long time. I will be going to a new gym soon when I move, and there is some equipment there I've never tried before. This also goes to say that part of this goal is to be consistent, and not negative, if I do not workout every week! I think a large part is not even the act of exercising, but how I think about it personally.

Be More Active on Instagram
I think that it is no secret that I love Instagram (probably to an unhealthy point on certain days). In the last month, I have been trying to post more on my blog account, and also engage with others to find new content to read. It's been hard with work and general tiredness at the end of the day, but I miss having that consistent community. Also, I help out on the @bowsarts instagram, and I'm excited to start engaging more with their target market and link up with accounts that I believe in.

Start Selling Cookies
This is something that has been on my mind for a long time. It's no coincidence that I have the need to bake at least three things with my mom when I'm home, or that my favorite part of being a Girl Scout was selling cookies. I've been researching Connecticut Cottage Food Laws, and am seriously considering doing this for pure enjoyment and extra income. 

Pay 1/4 of my Student Loans + Save More Money!
I have become much more financially aware now that I have started to work full time. I opened up two retirement accounts, and now track all of my spending on I have a good chunk of student loans, and I would like to pay 1/4 of that in 2020. That is a very large feat, but I know that it is very possible by cutting expenses on eating out and impulsive buying. I have been fortunate enough to have been working on and off since I was 16, and have been saving ever since. I've been quite hesitant to pay my loans with a large sum of money at once, just because of the pure thought of seeing that number leave my bank account. I also want to be smart with investing at the same time! There is much to learn in this space, and shoutouts to Graham Stephan for lighting that financial fire in me. (Even my mom was shocked when I didn't buy clothes last time we were at loft :))

One HUGE expense that I think everyone can benefit from, is to eat out less. Please enjoy this recent meal I made, and enjoyed for two days afterward from leftovers!
What are some of your goals for 2020?

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