Tuesday, December 3, 2019

48 Hours in Philly (only going to free attractions!)

Elfreth's Alley
It's been so much fun exploring this side of the country since I've moved to the East Coast. Will and I drove to Philadelphia for the weekend to visit some friends who live in the city, and some who live in the suburbs! I've been to Philly one other time before, but we didn't have any time to do any touristy things (except for consuming a cheesesteak). We decided to visit many places - all that do not require an admissions free!
We drove in Friday night and checked into our Airbnb, and slept since it was quite a long drive. Saturday morning, we were up bright and early to head to the Reading Terminal Market! I had always wanted to try multiple food stands at the market - everything was delicious! It was so crowded but also SO worth it. We ended up finding a standing table and it wasn't hard to find at all

This is everything we ate - the apple dumpling was my favorite.
- Apple Dumpling (with Ice Cream!!) from Dutch Eating Company
- Peking Duck from Sang Kee
- Barbeque Combo Plate from The Rib Stand
- Double Chocolate Cookie from the Famous 4th Street Cookie Company

We did some sightseeing next, but didn't feel like standing in line for the Liberty Bell or Independence Hall. Right down the street though was the Second Bank of the United States which was pretty and a nice quick museum to walk through.

Independence Hall

The Second Bank steps!

I loved the colors and tiling here

Next, we ventured to the Carpenter's Hall one block away. There were people dressed like the time period - I felt like I was in The Patriot! Carpenter's hall had a cute gift shop, and everything was interesting to look at. From the architecture, people, flooring, and furniture, they even had a nice bench outside by the bench where we relaxed in the sun for a bit before heading to our next destination.

On the walk to Carpenter's Hall

Carpenter's Hall

A little bit of a longer walk away was The Betsy Ross House. But on the way we saw this cute walk up bakery and couldn't resist some baked goods! It was called Tartes, and in thirty years I think I'll open my own bakery it was incredibly cute. I'd recommend the blueberry lemon tarte.  We went in the gift shop, but didn't go inside the museum (lots of these places cost money - maybe another time!). It was still nice to be in the area where Betsy Ross grew up. All I could think about was Liberty's Kids.

Come here!!

Betsy Ross House

And finally, we (slowly) walked over to Elfreth's Alley, the oldest street in the country! This was well worth the walk because it was so colorful and festive for Fall. People still live there to this day, and there is even a museum in the alley. They depict the history, who has lived there, and it is a must see historic landmark - of course it also makes for a great photo too! After we walked through the alley, we sat down to rest at a local brewery for a beer flight and fundidio at 2nd Story Brewing. We ate way too many tortilla chips...and also it was my first time having Fundidio?! Oh how I've been missing out.

What a wonderful weekend in Philly. There are so many amazing town here on the East Coast that aren't too far of a drive away. I will definitely be coming back to Philly again soon. And yes, I will pay to go to some of the big ticket attractions next time! 

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