Thursday, February 28, 2019

Everything I Ate and Did in Boston

When I lived in Georgia two summers ago, I lived with three girls I had never met before. Fast forward to now, and we live in different parts of the country. This reunion was way overdue, and we all shared an AirBnB in the North End in Boston for the weekend! Boston was always on my list of cities to visit, and it really reminded me of Chicago because of the size and people, and also with all of the amazing food and sights to see. I was definitely not disappointed - especially with the contrast of NYC when I lived there last year, Boston was not too hectic at all.
We all arrived late at night after work and decided to stop by the pizza shop around the corner, which was Regina Pizzeria. I've had a large variety of pizza in my life, but the sauce and crust here were just perfect. Especially since it is cooked in a brick oven, it had an amazing texture. Inside, the decor had old police badges and family photos, and the employees had a thick Boston accent - it was just what we were looking for.
The next morning, we slept in and went straight to lunch at The Houlry Oyster House in Harvard Square. Since there was four of us, we all made an effort to order different food to try everything! They had clam chowder, sandwiches, salads, soups, and mimosas of course for decent prices. It was definitely a bit on the higher end but worth every penny. I ended up ordering a sandwich that came with fries and a side salad.
Right after lunch, we went to Mike's Pastry next door to try their iconic cannolis of course. Because we had literally just ate an amazing lunch, the three of us split a cannoli just to try it. I had not had a cannoli in over a year (from Ferrara's in NYC), and it was just as good as expected. The ricotta filling was not too sweet, and the chocolate chips really made it of course!
I really could not smile any bigger lol
A subway ride away, we traveled to Samual Adams Brewing for a free brewery tour. There, they described the ingredients and process in how they brew their beer with their humble humble beginnings. As like any brewery tour, there was a tasting at the end, which consisted of three (very good size) beers to try. Afterwards we window shopped in the gift store and took the subway back towards Quincy Market.
The Quincy Market was probably my favorite stop of the weekend, just from the vast variety of foods and shops there were! From cookies to lobster rolls and lobster mac and cheese, the market consisted of multiple buildings and something for everyone. Sadly, the three glasses of beer from the tour really filled us up - so we mainly just looked at all of the food with wide eyes (I was really looking at the clam chowder served in a bread bowl). Walking from the market, we ventured to the harbor for pictures and sightseeing. Since it was the weekend of Valentine's Day when we went, there were lights and hearts strung around the water's edge. 
Walking from the harbor, we walked even more around back to the North End for some classic Italian food. Since North Square Oyster was closed to renovations (it was very sad), we decided on Rabia's. The food there was very good with large portions, and I personally don't eat out for Italian food often so it was a nice treat. My friends order a lobster roll, lobster pasta, gnocchi, and I had the chicken parm.  
And even after such a long day, we walked home from dinner and watched some Netflix before heading to a bar called The Green Dragon, recommended by a friend. One thing we did not like about the bars in that area, was that they required a $5 cover at least. In the end, we ended up staying there until they closed because of the cheaper drinks and live band. It was a very laid back pub, and it was a great ending to a very long day.
Even after a long night, we woke up in time for our brunch reservation at The Tip Tap Room. We all opted for some non-alcoholic drinks after Saturday's festivities, and they were still amazing. My friend had a rosemary lime soda, and I had a tamarind lime soda. I can easily say it was some of the best drinks I've ever had. As for food, the avocado toast looked too good to pass up, with a side of home fries as the perfect pairing.
After consuming lots of delish drinks and brunch food, we walked to the Boston Common, and gorgeous park filled with historical statues, man made lakes, and gardens. The weather was a little chilly, but it was still beautiful - this was one of my favorite parts of the trip for sure. We stumbled upon The Hatch Memorial Shell and Charles River, and walked along the entirity until the Harvard Bridge. The walk across the bridge was not too long, and we sought refuge to take a break inside MIT, venturing into their library and looking at the beautiful campus. 

I looked on Yelp to see what was nearby, and saw that Flour Bakery and Cafe - the famed Sticky Bun bakery that I had seen on the Food Network many years prior. I picked up two sticky buns (one for me and one for my boyfriend), and my friends ordered the carrot cake, homemade oreo, and orange raspberry scone. Everything was delicious, making it the perfect ending to the trip. We took the train back, and I went back to my car to make the two hour drive back to Connecticut. It was truly one of the best weekends, being able to see friends and exploring such a beautiful city filled with endless amounts of delicious food!

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