Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Some years I am better at planning out what to buy or make ahead of time for the holiday season. I definitely prefer to shop for some friends and family over others, just because some are incredibly hard to shop for (hi dad). To add to many of the other gift guides out there, it's no secret that I am on a budget as a college student. It is very possible to be giving this season without spending too much money! Below is a list of some foolproof ideas for friends or family - with something everyone will love and appreciate. 
Homemade Baked Goods
This is easily my favorite gift to give, because everyone loves homemade treats. They have lots of meaning, an of course, they taste good too. There are endless options for treats to make, but I love making double or even triple batches to save time. Some of my favorite items to make include: molasses cookies, honey chex mix, mexican wedding cookies, and caramel popcorn. Put into a reusable tin and tied with a ribbon, and it makes the perfect gift. I posted about the chex mix over three years ago, but my family and I still make it every year!
Not only are sweet treats an option, but don't count out savory items either. A lasagna that's frozen and easy to heat up, egg rolls that just have to be baked in the oven, or even crab rangoons (recipe coming soon!). Is there a special recipe that others would enjoy? I know many people who would like something unique but also convenient to heat up on a cold day!
Self Care Accessories
Who doesn't love a little something to treat themselves with? Again, the options are endless for anyone. From face masks, a new razor, shaving cream, luxurious lotion, or lip balm, there are many options for price points. If you are even shorter on time, try Birchbox or Dollarshaveclub, and they can ship the item to you - it might just not make it until right after Christmas. I love this idea because it gives people something to relax and make themselves feel better.
Gift Cards
A common gift that is looked down upon, gift cards are known to be less meaningful than other gifts - even though people still love them. From Uber to a spa, a gift card can be purchased at countless places and be useful for many. I think if someone were to go with this route of a giftcard, it could be in combination of another item mentioned above to make it even more special. 
Some stores that seem to have a large variety of items at a good price point for holiday shopping include: TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Costco, and Target. Good luck shopping! I plan on going at early hours to avoid the crowds on a weekday :) 

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