Friday, December 21, 2018

Where to Find Bubble Tea in Grand Rapids

It's bit harder to find some bubble tea in Grand Rapids, compared to cities like Chicago and Detroit. Thankfully, there are still some delicious options to cure my craving of the ever so wonderful chewy tapioca and purple taro needs. If you've never had bubble tea before, it originated in Taiwan, and has since evolved to include endless flavors and toppings. The actual "bubbles" are tapioca pearls and are flavorless, and the actual drink can be a tea, coffee, or thick smoothie. My favorite is the classic milk tea with black bubbles! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Some years I am better at planning out what to buy or make ahead of time for the holiday season. I definitely prefer to shop for some friends and family over others, just because some are incredibly hard to shop for (hi dad). To add to many of the other gift guides out there, it's no secret that I am on a budget as a college student. It is very possible to be giving this season without spending too much money! Below is a list of some foolproof ideas for friends or family - with something everyone will love and appreciate.