Sunday, November 13, 2016

My College House + Living Off Campus

fabric banner - homemade(twine, fabric, hole puncher, and a couple nails), home sweet home sign - homemade (wood sign from michael's and any acrylic paint), flower decals - hobby lobby
Oh yes, I am still alive (barely). It has been so long since my last post, but school and interviews and clubs has taken up most of my time, and I miss this little corner of the internet. I'm so happy to be back and posting content! So, now that I'm in my third year of college, I no longer live in the dorms but in a tiny house off campus. I'm SO glad to have my own space and be much more independent, but it definitely has its ups and down. Although, I will say this post is thanks to all of the work of my roommates who are much more creative than I am - if it were up to me, all of the decor would be black and white. All of these little accents were super cheap to make, and make all the difference in making the space so much more comfy.
roomie pic. frame - target

all of our ~nice cups

mirror trio - target, curtains - home goods

tassel banner - homemade, made with the same twine and fabric as our living room banner! the twine was super cheap from target, and the fabric were squares on sale at jo anns. coupons are your friend.
Seriously though, if it were up to me I would choose all black, grey, and white decor. It's weird to no longer live in the dorms and be able to walk to the cafeteria filled with unlimited amounts of food. I now have to schedule in time for grocery shopping, meal prepping, packing my lunches, and making sure that I don't just eat potatoes for every meal (it's a problem). Living off campus has definitely been a good experience, but also it's harder to meet up with friends who used to live so close. It's shown me how much effort you have to put in to really hang out with someone. Oh and lastly, parking is a pain. I am shocked that I haven't gotten a ticket (yet), but pay attention to those horrendously long parking signs to avoid adding up multiple $25 tickets. If you're in between living in the dorms for another year of moving off campus, take into account the extra time needed for cleaning and cooking, but also how much MONEY you'll be saving by living off campus. I'll be back soon with another post, and hopefully in less than a two month period of time. Love you all!

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