Monday, September 19, 2016

Healthy (and cheap) College Meal Ideas! {Vegan}

It's already been a month since I've moved into my college house, and one of the struggles has been cooking and making all my own meals. Compared to my freshman and sophomore year where I had unlimited access to the dining hall, now I'm grocery shopping weekly and clipping coupons. Literally I feel so old getting excited over the Aldi sale flyers that come in the mail....Anyway all of these meal ideas are vegan, and although I wouldn't label myself as vegan just yet, I always love trying out new and healthy foods. 

What's also exciting is that it is a collab with Ellie from Peanut Butter and Ellie! We go to the same school, and were able to get dinner together - it's so awesome to meet someone through blogging #teaminternet. Ellie is vegan, and will have even more easy meal ideas from the cafeteria. She is a freshman, so you'll be getting both ideas from students who live on and off campus!