Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Current Music Loves

I've been on a music kick lately, and oh boy have I been enjoying it. There's nothing like playing your favorite songs while walking to class to make it a little more bearable. All of these songs have put me in a ~mood and have made me just feel better. I'm excited to start these series of posts just to update my current favorite songs, since it's changing all of the time! 
Kevin Garrett
I discovered this soul-pop artist on 8tracks, and immediately fell in love. His songs are all on the slower side, but still make me so happy. He's so personal, and the words he writes always get to me. Kevin has to be one of my favorite artists, and seeing live videos of him on Youtube makes me love him even more. (marry me)
Favorite songs: Come Up Short and Pushing Away
This alternative band never fails to put me in a good mood. Especially their song ILYSB, I can't get enough of it on a sunny day while walking to class. The bad composed of three guys are amazing live as well, and if you're ever in a need of some road trip music, this is the artist for you.
Favorite Songs: ILYSB and Where the Hell Are My Friends
Bad Suns
I've known about Bad Suns for awhile, but more recently now that it's Spring their songs remind me of LANY, but the lead singers voice is so unique. He is literally only 20 years old and so talented. They are becoming more well known which is so amazing, and again, literally the perfect music to listen to poolside or while running outside.
Favorite Songs: Cardiac Arrest and Dancing on Quicksand 
Troye Sivan 
Of course I can't leave out youtuber Troye Sivan who has been blowing up recently. From being an internet personality to a real musician, his songs and aesthetic of not being your typical pop songs are so so wonderful. 
Favorite Songs: Fools and Bite 
As always you can listen to a playlist of my favorite songs by these artists on my 8tracks HERE. Let me know some of your favorite songs at the moment and I'll check them out!