Thursday, February 25, 2016

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls (Spring Rolls)

With only one week of school until spring break, I cannot wait to have food other than from the dining hall - especially Vietnamese food. I didn't think it was possible for my passion for food to grow, but over this past month I've been researching more and more about health and what's inside my food. This recipe is so incredibly easy, but honestly SO delicious. When I'm no longer eating in the cafeteria next year (I signed a lease!), I know this will be one of my go to's for an easy AND healthy recipe.

These are definitely customizable to your favorite fillings and vegetables, but these specific ingredients and spices are what make these one of my favorite choices for Vietnamese food. I took the pictures for this post a couple of months ago (before I was vegetarian), but none the less they still taste delicious without meat. 

Rice paper wrapper - my mom has always used this brand
Cooked eggs 
Large lettuce leaves (butter lettuce)
Cilantro + Lemongrass
optional: protein - shrimp, chinese sausage, chicken, etc. 
Dipping sauce (I love peanut sauce or sweet chile

1. Soak your rice paper wrapper in warm water for a couple seconds and lay flat on a plate. 
2. First lay down the lettuce, and then add all of the fillings.
3. Wrap carefully as the rice paper is delicate.
4. Dip in sauce and enjoy!

I'm sure the rice paper wrapper and chinese sausage can be found at asian supermarkets or even the international section of your grocery store. And if you're going to pack these for lunch, lay a damp paper towel on top to keep the rice paper soft. I hope you enjoy!