Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Calm Playlist

Sometimes when I can't fall asleep or watch another episode of One Tree Hill, I'll play some of these songs. I'll just lay in my bed and face the window thinking about a million things at once. My favorite type of sound I think, are the songs that rely on just a guitar or piano because it's so simple yet so perfect. After what seems like forever, I'll finally fall asleep. This playlist means a lot to me, mainly because it's the music that plays whenever I'm thinking those things that only come out at night.

Hello My Old Heart - The Oh Hello's
Please Don't Go - Barcelona
Whispers - Dave Baxter
Happiness - The Fray
I'll Be There - Brighten
Peace - O.A.R
3 Rounds and a Sound - Blind Pilot
Wildflowers - Joe Brooks
The Last Unicorn - Passenger
Bloom - The Paper Kites
Come Back When You Can - Barcelona
Medicine - Daughter

I hope you enjoyed this post, and as always, let me know some of your favorite songs.

Love always,