Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Banana Berry Chia Smoothie

Nothing screams summer like a wake me up smoothie, right? Throughout this time of year my kitchen is always stocked with a variety of fruit, and I love mixing my favorite kinds! After a recent trip to Trader Joe's while I was in Chicago, I picked up this small bag a of chia seeds. I have been hearing more and more about this fiber packed, omega 3 rich food, and I've been looking into how to incorporate it into different things. One of my favorite ways is to just put a teaspoon into the blender with the smoothie so the seeds puff up thickening the smoothie a bit!

 Also, this is a naturally sweet smoothie that won't need much added sugar because the blueberries I used are from blueberry picking with my family. Use whatever fruit you love - these just happened to be around my kitchen. This is filled with protien, calcium, nutrients, and of course, deliciousness!

Serves 1
-1 banana
-handful of frozen blueberries 
-4 large strawberries
-splash of almond milk
-1 teaspoon of chia seeds
-sweetener (optional) - I used clover honey

See you soon,