Thursday, February 28, 2019

Everything I Ate and Did in Boston

When I lived in Georgia two summers ago, I lived with three girls I had never met before. Fast forward to now, and we live in different parts of the country. This reunion was way overdue, and we all shared an AirBnB in the North End in Boston for the weekend! Boston was always on my list of cities to visit, and it really reminded me of Chicago because of the size and people, and also with all of the amazing food and sights to see. I was definitely not disappointed - especially with the contrast of NYC when I lived there last year, Boston was not too hectic at all.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Best Ways to Make Money During College

Photo: Kendal McBurrows

Everyone has different needs on how they pay for college, but for me, it was important to have a side hustle while going to school. It helped out with my spending on food and utilities, and of course those books I didn't really need all that often. What I did every year was work a ton during the summer and winter breaks, and then just part time during the school year to focus on school and having a social life. From seeing my friends and other odd jobs, thankfully, there are many options to help pay for school.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Where to Find Bubble Tea in Grand Rapids

It's bit harder to find some bubble tea in Grand Rapids, compared to cities like Chicago and Detroit. Thankfully, there are still some delicious options to cure my craving of the ever so wonderful chewy tapioca and purple taro needs. If you've never had bubble tea before, it originated in Taiwan, and has since evolved to include endless flavors and toppings. The actual "bubbles" are tapioca pearls and are flavorless, and the actual drink can be a tea, coffee, or thick smoothie. My favorite is the classic milk tea with black bubbles!